Consumers Are Demanding Fewer ‘Nasties’ And More Natural Ingredients

Niche start-ups are stepping up to the challenge of producing healthy alternatives as established multinationals urgently try to shake off their sugar-laden reputation. While the big players can support NPD with substantial advertising budgets, there are opportunities for smaller players to sneak in and flourish in the healthy drinks arena by reacting quicker to trends. […]

Healthy Choices

Canadians have changed a lot in the past ten years. We exercise more, smoke less, eat more vegetables, recycle our garbage and make more conscientious decisions about how we drive, drink, work and play. We understand that a multitude of factors affects our health and that we can do something about many of them – […]

Sportsman’s Advisory

Vaqta is a newly developed hepatitis A vaccine that sportsmen should consider getting if traveling to developing countries. Research shows that pepper spray may halt a bear attack. Archers can avoid serious injury by wearing a harness when in a tree-stand. A new study by biologist and bear authority Stephen Herrero of the University of […]